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How to make a TV show

1264245921-The-TV-Show_1Getting a TV show to air can be a long a gruelling process. From pitch to pilot, there are several hurdles to overcome. But many people have done it before and many people will do it again. Here you can find out about the different steps that you will encounter when you’re developing a television show.

The inception of every TV show starts with a pitch to the network; though how detailed this pitch varies dramatically. If you’re a complete outsider approaching a production company or network, then you really want to have a well thought out pitch. However, within companies themselves and in less formal settings, ideas for new shows are constantly thrown around. Understand your position and plan your pitch accordingly.

Once you have the go ahead for a pilot, then you need a formal script the cast and crew can work with. Some will require a formal script before this point, while others will simply commission on a great idea; especially for those with a proven track record of delivering great TV. So, no matter if you’re writing it yourself of working with a team, this is the time to make your script solid.

Once you have a script, the production company can begin to assemble the cast and crew. It’s not just about what’s shown on screen. The show needs a director, editor, camera crew, make-up artists and so forth. Once the cast and crew have been chosen, the rehearsal period can begin. This is when many of the changes will happen. Cast, crew, TV executives and writers will all be expressing their thoughts and opinions. Even though this might seem frustrating, everybody is just trying to make the best show possible.

Finally, after much tweaking, rehearsal, marketing and press for the new show, it can finally go on to be broadcast.